TPF Stories- The Moon Squadron

Editor’s Note: I hope you enjoy this new podcast from TPF which takes a second glance at the history of motorsport. It has its own RSS feed on iTunes or you can listen on the Podbean player below. Let us know if you like the format and content.

In the early 1940’s, the British government made a big decision. A decision that would find a young man named George flying at night, by moonlight, to engage in clandestine operations by landing in fields in France. Geroge was a Moon Squadron pilot.

Tony was a Spitfire flying ace and he too joined the battle over Europe but like George, he loved racing cars. The two of them would be intertwined by fate, history and a love of racing. So much so that they would be instrumental in creating something spectacular that continues to this very day.

Spreaker Player:

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Leland Curtis

Excellent podcast and very well researched!