TPF Track Talk – Monaco Grand Prix

Join Paul as he takes you for a hot lap on the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix circuit. How do you manage going that many laps that close to the wall? You’ll find out what it takes to get pole position and win at the Monaco GP this weekend.

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Nice work Paul. That’s given me a good few tips on things to look out for as the cars tear around.
Just watching the first F2 race, and have been watching particularly how they have been using the road cambers, and where they can ride kerbs. As you said, the guys who are on it leave no margin on getting up to the barriers on entry, apex and exit, every corner of every lap – beautiful!
I’ve left a question in the Q&A section that I hope you can take some time to address in the next post race podcast.


A good way to tell how long someone has been watching the sport is by what name they give turn six at Monaco.


I knew it as Loew’s, how far does that go back?
And what were previous names, and what era’s were they?


Originally it was the Station Hairpin.
Loews Hotel opened in 1975, built on the site of the old railway station.
In 1998 the hotel changed hands, becoming the Grand Hotel which changed the corner name.
Officially this is still the name of the corner, although the hotel has been the Fairmont since 2004.