Jarno Trulli has Singapore concerns

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A new circuit is always an exciting proposition in F1…for about the first three laps until these super license holders ferret out the track and proceed to dominate it like Woman #5 on a bare bum.With the FOM moving, adding and creating new venues over the last few years, we have all been treated to a host of new facilities, turns and challenges that have added to the spectacle of F1. The F1 calendar has even withstood a full impact by Middle Eastern money machines designed to present a cosmopolitan face on an ancient culture…something like jailing British nationals for kissing on a beach.

Some tracks have, arguably, made it more boring as the new circuits have not exactly lent themselves to exciting racing or passing. Many have now focused their derision on Herman Tilke as he and his staff has designed a majority of all the new F1 circuits over the past 10 years. Circuits which on the surface, seem like they are real F1 racing tracks but in application only appease the stadium section crowd and emasculate the nuance of F1. Kind of like Jefferson Starship did to music. Herman, it seems, has become the go-to guy for many in F1 but oddly the reaction has been getting worse from the fans.

Elder statesman Jarno Trulli has shared some concerns he has about the upcoming night race at the new Singapore street circuit. This will be the first night race every held in F1 and it is also compounded by the simple fact that it is new, at night and a street course. Is there reason for pause? I should think there is and I believe Jarno is just being prudent in his cautions. I would expect a new circuit is difficult, at night even more difficult but if there is inclement weather, all bets are off.

Driving at night in the rain is hard enough in a saloon/sedan but when faced with no windshield, wipers and the glare of light on water; this could be dangerous. A point well made by Jarno but in the end, danger is something that fosters excitement and with the lack of passing being the new raison detre of Max’s quirky rules to induce passing like labor in the second trimester; I guess this F1 fan base is looking for a wet, night race at high speed for some cheap thrills.  read the full story here at our friends at Autosport.com

“It is a big question mark for everyone. We don’t have to underestimate that situation.

“It would be nice to know more about it to get a better idea but until we get there we probably won’t know.”

“To be honest I am not in the FIA committee and I don’t know much about it, we don’t have much information about it. In Valencia they did a good job so I am confident they can do a similar job for Singapore but the location is different and climate condition is different, and the running time is different.


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