Trulli expects more from Lotus…wonder if that works in reverse?

Veteran Italian driver Jarno Trulli is expecting more from his team Lotus Racing. The BBC reports that the Italian is looking for better performance from the team and realizes that the first year was always going to be difficult.

“I signed a three-year deal because I strongly believed we were going to go through a hard season but it’s basically a preparation season. From next year, we will start being more and more serious.

“My record is pretty bad, I have only seen the chequered flag once. I’m always hit by bad luck and the car keeps breaking down but everybody in the team wants to turn it around.

“Even my mechanics are desperate because it seems like everything is happening to me. But I knew before the beginning of the season that this would be a hard season – this is only preparation for the future.”

Lotus Racing is squarely leading the new teams in the performance arena and have done a yeoman’s job of it of late. Well, teammate Heikki Kvalainen has done a terrific job of late. Trulli has not finished higher than 15th this year and one wonders if Lotus Racing could state the same comment…Lotus Racing confident Trulli will improve.

Oddly, I suspected Lotus Racing to be in good hands during qualifying with Trulli as he is known for his single lap speed but the true star at Lotus this year has been Kovalainen. The Fin’s progress this year is a slight glimpse of why McLaren hired him in the first place. Purely my opinion but I think Kovalainen may have found a team he can lead and develop with and I am hoping this is the case very soon.

Lotus Racing have been a good answer to the critics who were worried about dragging the name through the mud. It has been a long road for all the new teams but Lotus Racing have shown themselves up for the task and I suspect even Trulli himself will be anxious to see next years challenger. I do miss the Trulli Train and it would be good to see that back in British Racing Green no less.

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