Tweet of the Day: A little of the old Red Bull magic

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I miss the old, cheeky Red Bull.

Sure, on balance, it probably is better to have a competitive team that can mix it up with McLaren and Ferrari… oh, who am I kidding? I mean totally make these juggernauts of Formula 1 look like two IndyCar Lights teams.

And all driven by Milka Duno. (rimshot!)

But there was plenty of fun to be had from the Red Bull team that didn’t have to take itself too seriously because it wasn’t a serious F1 team. All that’s pretty much changed. Tends to happen when your drivers are slamming into each other or flipping head over heels behind a Lotus. (Note: Why couldn’t Mark Webber have run into the back of a Virgin? Then we could be making “head over heels over a Virgin” jokes.)

But today, our Tweet of the Day shows a little of that old Red Bull spirit. And I welcome it:

Red Bull F1 Spy redbullf1spy

Team principals’ press conference much more interesting when mentally substituting the work ‘cake’ for ‘team’ and ‘icing’ for ‘orders’. about 2 hours ago via web

I’d say the same thing was true a few weeks ago, only substitute “drivers” and “equal”.


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