Tweet of the Day: Are you following Piquet Jr. yet?

Well, if you aren’t, you are falling far, far behind:

Nelson Piquet NelsonPiquet

Almosto 120000 followers. Speaking about some other things besides only racing is helping about 4 hours ago via web

OK, truth be told, I’m not following him, either. I have him on a “list” so I have no idea what “other things besides only racing” he’s been talking about.

But that does give us the opportunity to run a super special F1B Contest! It’s kind of like a “Your View,” only it has to do with “things besides only racing.”

To win this contest, and the bragging rights that go with it, just answer this questions: What things do you suppose Nelson Piquet Jr. has been talking about on Twitter?

Keep in mind that while the funniest thing might be something off-color, we do stick with our decorum and civility rule. Yeah, that kills all my best ideas, too!

But, I’ll start, and maybe give you a model to follow:

FakeNelson Piquet

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Can’t wait to drive for your F1 team! LYL! 2 hours ago via web

OK, so that one’s sort of racing related…

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