Tweet of the Day: Branson will do anything to avoid that stewardess outfit


Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes provides us with today’s Tweet of the Day, from about six hours ago:

Tony Fernandes
Update on richard branson flight. May be a delay as richard injured himself sking. Will call him today. So that’s why no announcement yet
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OK, so you can’t say for sure that Branson fell on purpose; that’s just conjecture. But something we can say for certain:

This is getting even more coverage for the Virgin boss and our good buddy Tony F and his AirAsia company.

Google “Branson injured skiing” and you’ll see this already has filled the Interwebs. Chances are Sir Richard will fufill his duty, complete with elaborate knee brace or whatever to protect his injured area. (And it will probably be what has the Virgin logo on it.)

Just you wait.

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