Tweet of the Day, followed! Mark’s haircut in pictures

There’s an old journalism saying: Every good story deserves a follow.

And while Negative Camber has a provocative piece up about Bernie Ecclestone seeing Europe fade away as Formula 1’s center and another about Max Mosley (provocative no matter what), I’ll lay down money that the big story during the past 24 hours has been Mark Webber pondering a haircut.

Hey, it’s a gossip world we live in, right?

Well, folks. Oh yes he did! Just minutes ago, even.
13 minutes ago via Twitpic
22 minutes ago via Twitpic

Here are the pictures: Here and here.

OK, it does look like the same picture twice, but he posted them both. Maybe it’s one of the those games where you have to find the subtle differences? Anyone see any?

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