Tweet of the Day: Heikki on bed rest after crash, but has company

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A couple of weeks ago, we followed Heikki Kovalainen’s daily Tweets that appeared to show an increasingly bored Finn. And so the obvious question arose: What should Heikki do in the off-season to keep busy?

The answer: Nothing.

Seriously. Doctor’s orders.

You’ve probably heard that Heikki had a pretty nasty shunt in an Audi R8 at the Race of Champions. (It’s here if you want to see.) Also hurt in the accident was his girlfriend, Catherine Hyde. Both are on bed rest, as Heikki tells us in his latest Tweets:

KataHyde Hospital results: injured hip, pelvis and leg muscles for me, concussion for Heikki! Both of us on bed rest for a while…
about 18 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Retweeted by H_Kovalainen and 12 others
But hey @katahyde been put to bedrest as well because of hairline fractured pelvis, so someone’s keepin me company!
about 18 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
Been put to bedrest at home as a precaution, heavy concussion, further tests next few days as head took a big hit.
about 18 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
@jasonplato few more checks to be done today just headache now, how about you any headache as well?! Hk
3:30 AM Nov 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to jasonplato
Also Catherine is sore and her back is painful, gotta look after her now
1:44 PM Nov 28th via Twitter for iPhone
Back home again, more checks tomorrow to be done, heads a bit sore was unconscious for 30s,
1:40 PM Nov 28th via Twitter for iPhone
Had an eventful Sunday, hardcore shunt with throttle jammed and rear suspension damaged, got knocked out, now some medical checkups…
8:44 AM Nov 28th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The first one is a retweet by Heikki of his girlfriend’s own Tweet. So it sounds like both are doing OK — at least OK enough to be somewhat jovial about the incident. (Best wishes to both for speedy recoveries.) And, if you missed it — Heikki was knocked out for 30 seconds or so.

I do have to ask a question: How might this impact Lotus? Also on Twitter in the past few hours, both McLaren drivers have mentioned that they are back at Woking and in the simulator (or, in Jenson Button’s case, prepping for it) with the 2011 specs (KERS and flexible rear wing). So it isn’t like the off-season is all that off, right?


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