Tweet of the Day: Heikki’s not that into vampires


Although Heikki Kovalainen may pay attention to the MTV movie awards, it doesn’t seem like the Lotus F1 driver is all that into vampires.

Cue F1 hangers-on jokes.

Here’s a couple Tweets for Heikki from a little bit ago:

I must have missed something big time, @KataHyde asked how I could have missed the twilight saga as it’s one of the biggest movies… #fb about 10 hours ago via Echofon

Cannot believe the twilight saga won the best movie at #mtvmovieawards Never even heard of that movie… #fb about 10 hours ago via Echofon

Painful, huh? Well, you haven’t even gotten to the hurt, which come courtesy of Heikki’s boss, Tony Fernandes:


@H_Kovalainen because you are old man hahahha. Its hot trilogy. about 5 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to H_Kovalainen


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