Tweet of the day: I think Chandhok might start getting bad car parts

If you’re on Twitter at all, you know the site has been having some traffic-related difficulties these past few days.

Blame the World Cup!

And, if you are HRT driver Karun Chandhok, I fear, you also will be able to blame the World Cup for the string of bad car parts you are about to get, while team mate Bruno Senna “lucks” into the good ones.

The reason why is today’s Tweet(s) of the day:


The spaniards really don’t like losing at football !! They are really not happy at HRT F1 today !! 11 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I’m not really a football fan but thought I would show my F1 team-mates some support & watch today’s game -sent them rude messages instead ! 12 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

You don’t joke about someone’s mother nor about their World Cup team, Karun. I think it is going to be a painful lesson learned.

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