Tweet of the Day: Senna adds a driver to his fan club

I suppose this one could be up for some interpretation. But that’s more your choice than mine.

Here’s a Bruno Senna Tweet from a few minutes ago:

Bruno Senna BSenna

Meu mais novo membro do Fan Club Alemao! My newest German Fan Club member! Hahahaha. Valeu Karun! 28 minutes ago via Twitpic

Here’s the picture link.

OK, so we know the Senna and Karun Chandhok have playfully needled each other all season. But has this one gone too far? What’s the look on Karun’s face? Is it a forced smile or was the picture taken a second before or after he put on his best smile? Or maybe he just raised his sunglasses on his head and it’s bright?

I can’t believe Senna would post something that was a real blow so I’m going to guess it is just a little bad timing. But either way, it’s the Tweet of the Day, if only because there’s no Sakon Yamamoto.

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