Tweet of the Day: Steve Matchett on not being rich

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Believe me, I was tempted to give Scott Speed his due and just offer you all his last 24 hours of Tweeting. Suffice it to say, since we last checked in with Mr. Speed he has grown up a lot.

As Scott might say, “Not!”

But I won’t subject you. Instead, we’ll give you a quick movie review from Speed TV F1 commentator, former F1 mechanic, author, mushroom hunter and friend of F1B Steve Matchett:

Steve Matchett
Film Review; Wall Street: I now know why I’m destined never to be rich: for much of this film I had zero idea what they were talking about.
4 hours ago via web

Anyone else think Steve’s just setting us up for his superb, 140-word review of the Aryton Senna movie?


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