Tweet of the Day: Webbo preps for WDC with a haircut

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This one is all Grace’s.

She pointed out to me that the following Tweet from Mark Webber, aka AussieGrit, should at least be Tweet of the Week. Not because of the content, so much, but because the BBC included it on its rumors page this morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation that there is zero F1 news!

Here’s the Tweet:

AussieGrit Mark Webber
Pretty slow day today,thinking quick haircut after 5 weeks on the road.
9 hours ago

And for fun, here’s how the BBC handled it:

Red Bull driver Mark Webber has been pondering off-track issues on social networking site Twitter. He said: “Pretty slow day today, thinking quick haircut after five weeks on the road.”

What? Did you think I was kidding earlier about how tense things are at F1B HQ?


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