Tweet of the Day: What should Heikki do in the off-season?

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Heikki!I think we can poke a little fun at Heikki Kovalainen for two reasons:

1. He’ll be next season, unlike some of the drivers.

2. He’s going to shock everyone by being Lotus’ world champ in about 2016. Mark it down, people!

Anyway, an apparently bored Heikki has been hitting the Twitter, which raises a question for us: What should he do during the off-season? You’ll understand:

# Spoke to my dad today, getting cold in Finland, gonna take my motocross bike on ice soon, that’s good way spending winter! #fb 22 minutes ago via web

“Heikki Calls” is still on by the way, been calling fans and few more to be picked so be ready, here you can join it about 3 hours ago via web

Looking forward to tyre testing already, I think it’s going to be very long winter without F1, maybe need to find something to keep busy #fb about 3 hours ago via web

Been playing golf the last couple of days, striking well but not putting great so not great scores, need to get some practice. #fb about 3 hours ago via web

Finally, before going to bed, thank you all my friends who follow me, for all your support this year! Means a lot! #fb 12:37 AM Nov 15th via web

Also, got to speak to Tom Cruise after the race on the phone, what a legend! Big fan of Lotus he seems! Knows everything about F1 #fb 12:31 AM Nov 15th via web

Great way to finish the season off, no problems in the race and beat other new teams quite easily again! Congrats to Vettel and RedBull! #fb 12:26 AM Nov 15th via web

Motorcycles on ice? I know the Finnish are, like, born able to drive in snow, but that seems a bit risky, doesn’t it? Golf sounds a bit safer, although, really, how exciting can that be for someone who regularly whips around a track at 180 mph?

So, F1B, what should Heikki do to fill his down time for the next few months?


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