Tweet of the Week — so says Grace

Few quick things people:

1. Those discriminating readers here might have noticed the lack of my “byline” for nearly two weeks. It’s true. Todd gave me a vacation. (Thanks, man!)

2. Our usual vacation-taker, Grace — who seems to have negotiated a six months on, six months off work schedule (Thanks a lot, Todd, I take back the “Thanks, man!) — is lording over me the fact that she’s more up-to-date on Formula 1 news than I am.

3. OK, by “lording over me” I mean she sent me one message. But after questioning her work ethic publicly, I suspect I’ll be somewhere in Charsley territory soon.

4. I am a bit out of the loop. Virtually no Internet since before Hungary. I — I’ll admit — haven’t even seen the race yet. That comes this weekend, all things working out.

5. Back to Grace. She pointed me to the following as at least the “Tweet of the Week” — if not more:


After a period away from racing our drivers are all set to repeat last years result. Do you think our drivers can hit the podium at SPA ? about 6 hours ago via web

Those off Twitter might need to know — or perhaps could figure out — that this is the Force India Twitter account. So, what, precisely, makes that a Tweet of the Week?


Tonio Liuzzi has ruled out Force India fighting for victory again at the Belgian Grand Prix, but the Italian believes his team can aim for a podium finish.

Last year, Giancarlo Fisichella finished in second place at Spa, having fought a race-long battle with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen after having started from pole position, the first for Force India.

Liuzzi, however, believes that putting on a similar performance will be difficult seeing how competitive the top teams are.

But the Italian reckons the characteristics of the track make it possible for his team to aim for a place in the top three.

Worlds colliding? Grace, Ron Dennis love her, of course sees Liuzzi’s quote as a “glass half full.” And I can see why (the headline that “rules out Spa shock repeat” is one reason). He doesn’t exactly come across as overly confident. But…

He does suggest the team can, maybe, fight for a podium:

“We said at the beginning of the year we wanted to achieve a podium and I think we can fight for it. It’s not easy, as the others are not sleeping in their development, but our car should be well suited to the track and we showed in Canada that we have really strong potential on that kind of circuit.

“I think in Canada without the problem with Felipe at the first corner we would have finished in the top five. So I’m confident that we can have an interesting weekend.”

So maybe Force India isn’t partying too hard during the break.

What I think really makes this the Tweet of the Week is the replies on Twitter. To wit:


@clubforce Sutil? Yes, Liuzzi? No about 6 hours ago via web


@clubforce They might be able to hit the podium literally, but I don’t think the car is good enough to be on the podium.

gavin gegaard

being a big fan of sutil i hope so..but recent troubles cause me concern. @clubforce Do you think our drivers can hit the podium at SPA ? about 6 hours ago via web

Sumit Kumar kumarsumit_13

@clubforce yes they will ! about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to clubforce

Andy Loxley andylogaz

@clubforce Would be great to see your drivers back on the podium, but I think it’s going to be a lot harder for you this year

So, F1Bers… what do you think? Any chance at all of a Force India finishing on the podium at Spa?

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