Twitter Item of the Day: Alugeursauri can change a tire

I’m officially calling out everyone remotely involved in Formula 1:


Three races into the season, and these off weeks feel like the barren backside of the moon. Nobody is doing anything of note, the teams are sort of putting out pre-China items, which all say “we’re hoping for more improvements,” the drivers — as Vick noted — are watching movies or hanging out or playing golf.

But not newest, Michael Schumacher-created star Jaime Alguersuari. No, no, no. And he makes our Twitter Item of the Day:


After nice lunch at the beach here in barcelona there is nothing better than changing a tyre… Awsome
3 minutes ago via Echofon from here

Here’s the link, for ease.

Proof that the drivers don’t bring their pit crew along with them.

Anyone think it took that duo 3.4 seconds to get the new tire on?

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