Twitter Item of the Day: Di Grassi hits the surf

Yesterday’s Twitter Item of the Day became the Paul Charsley Special, when, admittedly, it easily could have been Grace’s.

I expect she’ll forgive me by the time Lotus starts winning races.

Well, today’s TIOTD is… for me. Out here in Southern California, it’s in the high 60s on the beach and we continue to get a nice, steady helping of surfable waves. In fact, right now vast parts of the Pacific are firing pretty nicely. Hawaii, Tahiti, Mainland Mexico and Northern California all have been getting solid surf.

And so has Australia. Do you see where this is headed?


On my way to Bell’s Beach to surf with Damien Hardman on a Virgin event. Should be cool ! 8 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Hardman is a former professional surfer from Australia who won two world championships in the late 80s and early 90s. So Lucas is in good hands and should make it to the race in one piece.

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