Twitter Item of the Day: F1’s version of ‘behind the scenes’

When I first got this post going, I thought it would just be a nice “on-site” piece from Turkey, where the Formula 1 teams are getting ready for this weekend’s grand prix.

Instead, I’m forced to point out that Formula 1 is missing the boat when it comes to being “fan-friendly,” an issue that’s been among the top talking points in the days following the announcement that Austin, Texas will host a USGP (fingers crossed) beginning in 2012.

You’ll get what I mean.

Here’s your daily Tweet from the McLaren Twitter account:


This pic’s for everyone asking for shots of the guys working on the cars in the garage… 4 minutes ago via Twitpic

Sounds promising, right? And, look, McLaren is answering a request from its fans!

Well, here’s the link to the photo.

That’s what you call a shot of guys working in the garage? Seriously?

It’s easier to get shots of the BP oil spill than ones from inside an F1 paddock.

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