Twitter Item of the Day: Heikki’s a hockey fan

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Today’s Twitter Item of the Day is made special for our own Paul Charsley, race driver and hockey fan.

It turns out he is not alone among the brotherhood of drivers who appreciate the second coolest sport on ice. [Behind… you get one guess, and the answer will appear below.]

Here’s a Tweet from Lotus’ own Heikki Kovalainen:


Congratulations #Teemu Selänne for breaking 600 goals in #NHL! 3rd european to do so, what an amazing career and still going on… about 1 hour ago via Tweetie

It’s good to see that Formula 1 drivers do have time to follow sports without motors. It means they’re well-rounded, but not in a JPM way. [Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And, no, the answer is not figure skating.]

Please don’t ask me to tell you who the other two Europeans to top 600 goals in the NHL are. As an American who grew up in Southern California, I’d have no idea. [I do know our hockey team once traded for Wayne Gretzky. I do know that much. And the answer, of course, is curling.]


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