Twitter Item of the Day: NASCAR drivers don’t need seat belts!

This Twitter Item of the Day is a lesson in how Twitter can go a little wrong.

First though, I’m not piling on our Twitter-ee today. But the incident shows how something can get out of one’s control, and it also is one of those incidents that can cause people we want to follow to kill their Twitter account.

Here’s a two-parter from NASCAR bad boy Kyle Busch. Probably his “bad boy” reputation helped fuel the “controversy.”

Kyle Busch

Pre-driving photo opp. Lol RT @MCraftonracing: @KyleBusch my new motor home driver. about 1 hour ago via Echofon

# Alright… Enough about the seat belt. It was to b a fun photo opp; turned wrong as usual. Thanks for the buzz kill. 8 minutes ago via Echofon


Yeah, so those of you who check the photo may notice that Kyle isn’t wearing a seat belt. Or you may not have. Lots of Tweets following this are about people not even paying attention to that point.

There’s no way to tell how many people actually noticed, although my search doesn’t show many. So there’s also no way to tell if Kyle reacted to a very few “tsk tsks” directed his way.

But it is definitely stuff like this that can have the PR people swooping in and fast if they sense any controversy.

[Those readers in America, maybe pay attention and see if any car safety organization picks this up and runs with it. It could happen.]

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