Two American teams in F1 for 2016?

There’s not a lot of detail or confirmation in the story regarding a second American team in Formula 1 for 2016 but suffice to say, it is a story making the rounds and does have legs.

Financier James Carney and F1 promoter Tavo Hellmund, of Austin and Mexican grands prix fame, have teamed up to seek a controlling interest or outright purchase of an existing team on the F1 grid.

Clearly Gene Haas has his Haas F1 efforts in full steam for the 2016 grid but the story suggests that this new group could be looking at the Manor team as a potential target with their ongoing prize money earnings—for finishing 10th in the championship—of $40 million until 2017.

I’d argue that the interest may have always been there but surely Gene Haas and his marginal approach to being a constructor has led the way for other investors to see a much more economic entrance into the sport. That’s not an attempt at denigrating what Haas F1 is doing, quite the opposite actually…why recreate the wheel if you can purchase parts for a competitive effort at a fraction of the cost?

Haas is working with Dallara for a chassis and has a supply of Ferrari power units and drivetrain that will see his outfit firmly on the grid in 2016. Many wondered why Gene simply didn’t purchase an existing team with the entrance fee and application already sorted—not to mention any accrued prize money to come.

That could be pride of building something from scratch or it could simply be that the model was more expensive than simply rolling your own. Regardless, the new investment group might find a path already laid for a Dallara chassis and Ferrari powertrain supply as well as $40 million in prize money to help pay for the trouble.

If that’s the case, then this team surely would be as competitive as Haas F1 right out of the box and potentially a lower cost operation with immediate revenue generation and existing—if only short term—sponsor contracts and pay-driver commitments.

Time will tell but there’s only one thing better than having an American team in F1—having two American teams in F1.

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Paul KieferJr

I keep asking for Bill Gates to jump in, but I get this. Go figure. :P

Negative Camber

Bill is too busy with his charities to go racing. :)


Wouldn’t giving money to Marussia be a form of charity?


Which team gets Peter Winsor’s USF1 front wing?

John The Race Fan

Whichever team is willing to sort through Windsor’s large pile of bullshit.

The Imperative Voice

What you really want are the toasters.


What you really want is the picture of jim clark taped to the wall

Negative Camber

A small-ish Clark pic on a large white wall, yes…that’s what I want. :)

Tom Firth

Yes please! :-)

The Imperative Voice

If I had the money and wanted to win, I’d want a free and clear team with hand selected personnel that I can direct as I see fit. You buy Manor you’re buying its debts and its awful car and its personnel and basically its finishes. If you just want to be in F1 — and sometimes I think that’s enough for backmarkers — OK. But if you want to win I’d start fresh.

Negative Camber

As a point, you can have an asset only acquisition and not take on the long-term debt of the team.

The Imperative Voice

The assets may be collateralized, cars, tools, parts, etc. The team could go into administration like Manor and Caterham, Caterham never escaping. Caterham’s assets were then “bankruptcy” auctioned, which might be cheaper than an asset purchase at market value. I just basically fail to see the value of a losing car/team. The slot itself, yes, but the backmarker cars are only competitive in an attrition race like the one where Bianchi got in the scoring. If I have my own slot from F1 why do I want your lousy car, unless I am going to be just another space-filler team… Read more »


Think of the money you’d save on red paint!