Ultimatum for FIA?

GMM reports that bernie Ecclestone has released another letter to the FIA clubs clarifying some media reports about a breakaway series.Die Welt is quoted as a source suggesting that Mr. Ecclestone has give the FIA a deadline of June 16th.  Cunning to use the post vote position and tenuous Presidency to place heat on the FIA to get an agreement signed.  Can’t say as I blame him.  The FIA has lost serious credibility and Mr. E should take advantage of that on behalf of FOM and the Teams.

Formula One’s paper war resumed on Thursday, with Bernie Ecclestone writing a letter to national FIA clubs.

The letter is in response to what Ecclestone describes as ‘confusing’ media reports of a possible breakaway series.

The F1 Chief Executive insists that F1 teams simply want a new Concorde Agreement – a tripartite contract binding together the teams, the commercial rights holder and the FIA.

Until now, FIA President Max Mosley has been unwilling to sign a new agreement on Ecclestone and the teams’ terms.

the German newspaper Die Welt claims that, behind the scenes, Ecclestone and the teams have issued to the FIA a June 16th ultimatum on their latest request for clarity on the thorny Concorde Agreement issue.

Source: GMM
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