Unintentionally funny headline suggests Sauber’s fix is just turning the cars on

Honestly, after the Sauber performances so far this season, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that this headline means what I thought it did at first:

“De la Rosa: Key a big boost for Sauber”

That’s from Autosport, on an exclusive with Pedro de la Rosa. Of course, thought I, if Sauber would just turn on the ignition, I bet the team’s cars would go a heck of a lot faster.

But, oh, right… James Key, he means, the team’s new technical director. Probably makes more sense, if it isn’t quite as funny.

Here’s Pedro explaining things:

“James is a very good guy. He has a great understanding of what a car needs to be quick and he’s bringing huge experience,” de la Rosa told AUTOSPORT.

“Although he’s young he’s very experienced. I think he’s a big asset for us. I’m really looking forward to working with him.

“He’s the right guy and already during the weekend you realise he knows what he’s talking about. He knows now which are our weakest points and he’s already on it.”

He added: “It’s very positive always in this business to have fresh ideas from people who have worked on different environments, different cars. And more importantly he knows what a quick car needs in this modern Formula 1.

“That’s why is so important to have new people joining every now and then. If you look a the big teams, every year or every two years they have fresh people coming from other teams. I think it’s a very good move from Sauber to sign him.”

De la Rosa also promises the team will have an upgrade before the Spanish Grand Prix. Join the club!

I have to admit, I was surprised when I thought I’d found out that Sauber wasn’t using an ignition button. But even then, you need a fob or something to get the car ready to rumble?

Does anyone think one man can make much of a difference for Sauber? I’m afraid until they really show something extra, they are the most likely team to fill that dreaded 18th grid spot — unless Tonio Liuzzi continues his craptacular driving.

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