United Autosports clocks more mileage

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United Autosports has successfully clocked up more valuable mileage in a two-day test (23-24 March) at Silverstone (England) which saw Mark Patterson experiencing the #22 Molecule/Cerutti Audi R8 LMS for the first time.

Color me reactionary but here is an American team actually competing in a global stage and doing it properly. All the USF1 fans should look to this terrific team as a home for your support and check out their website as well as F1B as we’ll be following them closely.

The team seems on track and very excited about their prospects. They will make their race début in the opening two races of the British GT Championship at Oulton Park (Cheshire, England) on 5 April – the first time an Audi R8 LMS has ever competed in this series. How do they feel about the most recent test?

#22 Molecule/Cerutti Audi R8 LMS

Michael Guasch (USA). Lives: Walnut Creek, California. Age: 52

“I didn’t get any running in the dry on Tuesday which was frustrating but managed a good run on Wednesday and now feel much happier. We’re fine-tuning the Audi in terms of aero and camber settings and it’s gradually coming to us. It’s about gaining confidence in the car and finding its limits – on tracks I’ve never previously seen in my life let alone raced on!”

Mark Patterson (USA). Lives Bronxville, New York State. Age: 58

“Before Tuesday I’d never seen Silverstone and the closest I’d got to my racecar was a photo of its interior so the last couple of days have been interesting. Wow, what a car this Audi R8 LMS is! They tell me it’s a sportscar but to me it’s a pure racecar – unbelievable. The powerful V10 engine is so smooth, the paddle-shift gearbox an absolute joy while the ABS anti-lock brakes very reassuring – all very different from the Daytona Prototype I’ve driven for the last five years. ”

#23 Remington Audi R8 LMS

Zak Brown (USA). Lives: Carmel, Indiana. Age: 38

“We had some dodgy weather [rain] on Tuesday but Wednesday’s test was much better. The car was moving around on ‘old rubber’ but when we bolted on some fresh tyres I was able to set a decent, competitive time despite my lack of knowledge of Silverstone. I feel very comfortable in the Audi but there is still a lot to explore with the R8 LMS and to figure out how to go faster. But after only two tests, I’m very happy with the way the team is bonding and learning about the Audi.”

Richard Dean (GB), Managing Director & Co-Owner of United Autosports

“We’ve had only a small period of time to pull together the various elements of United Autosports. The engineers, mechanics and admin guys have been together for a while but throw in the element of a new car, working with a new manufacturer and of course ‘new’ drivers all coming over from the States. We’ve really not had any time back at our workshops in Birstall near Leeds but judging by our performance over the past two days, we all seem to be gelling together which bodes very well for the season ahead.”

Keep your eyes peeled for United Autosport and the Audi R8’s, it should be terrific fun and a real American team actually producing a real American effort…take note Ken and Peter.


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