United States F1 team?

Apparently Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor are looking to field an American F1 team in Formula 1. Autosport reports that team bosses have agreed in principle to their inclusion and the duo are now seeking sponsorship and funding for the operation.

Ken Anderson was technical director of Ligier as well as worked for the Onyx F1 team. He was technical director for Chip Ganassi Racing and AJ Foyt Racing. Anderson was technical director of NASCAR team Haas CNC Racing in 2003.

This all leaves me witha question or two: So will Ken and Peter make a bid for STR? Honda? Will they buy a team to avoid the FOM down payment money Bernie requires? Will they take advantage of the cost-cutting economies of scale that Max has so brazenly ushered in to the sport with Cosworth? Will they hire Takuma Sato? Are they going to use twin-keel design or a mass-damper? Will Ken or Peter be signing Ross Brawns paychecks? Can Rubens really find a home here? Does Scott Speed have another chance? Will Danny Sullivan go on another hunt for American talent? Where does Steve Matchett figue in to this scheme? Will Peter hite the entire Speed TV crew making Bob Varsha the PR guy and David Hobbs the plucky comic relief? will Penske have any part of this team? Does GM, Ford or Chrysler have any interest in starting a new Ron Fellows-like love fest (never mind that Ron is Canadian)? Starting a team from scratch and working from the ground up seems really expensive given Bernie’s requirement and the requirement to be competitive in F1. Can Ron Dennis be reached for comment? Does Norbert Haug see another lump sale opportiunity?

I have a couple suggestions. Don’t bother with KERS yet. Just get the show on the road. Do not respond to any RSVP’s to any party in Chelsea. Ask Bernie for some start-up money to fill his grid…if that doesn’t work; ask his wife. If you do purchase the BBF1 team do not accept the Magic 8-Ball as a part of the deal or Nick Fry. I hear Mike Gascoyne is available…just saying. So it will be Hitco, Arai then? Will you still love Lewis Hamilton? Remember to lock your tray tables ans seats in the upright position because unless you base the team out of the UK or Europe; you are going to have some serious frequent flyer miles boys (not sure how you can compete with the team working out of the States).

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