United States GP Review | Podcast Ep 806

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix from Austin Texas.

We cove the Alonso penalty, Lance’s rude move, Seb’s last hurrah, Brad Pitt’s snub, each team as they finished the race, why Dietrich Mateschitz and Red Bull matter to F1 and much more.

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Todd, you kept stating that McLaren were ahead of Alpine in the constructors championship.

Alpine are still in 4th place with 144 points with McLaren in 5th on 138 points.


Todd, I have come to the conclusion, from your last podcast with Grace, that you are right “the midfield is where the action is.” As a premiere sport, F1 is now really centered on understanding the finest abilities and talents of the drivers no matter who is leading the race. There is enjoyment in seeing Alonso and Vettel exhibit great skills, yes, I can see that. However, with the reality of really stupid grid placement penalties and DRS, F1 as an entertainment sport may have devolved into a spectator sport mainly for the wisest and those with the most practised… Read more »


According to Joe Saward, someone from the FIA told Alpine that the car was ok. Which is why they are quite annoyed at the moment.