USF1 against 14 teams

In an interview with, USF1 boss Peter Windsor shared his concerns with the potential 14 team scenario in F1. The former BMW F1 team had refused to sign the Concorde Agreement thus rendering it out of the 2010 grid. The spot was eventually given to Team Lotus F1 but on the same day as the announced lotus return to F1; BMW announced it had sold its F1 concern to Qadbak.


This presented the FIA with a difficult situation as the maximum number of teams allowed for 2010, per the Concorde Agreement, is 13. The immediate response from the FIA was that it was pleased with the sale of the team and would immediately work on getting an amendment to the Concorde Agreement to allow them in the 2010 series as the 14th team.

This concept of 14 teams was met with some derision, however, and most vociferous perhaps was Williams F1. They maintained that very little was known about Qadbak and that there was every chance that a suspect investor was involved with the team. The other issue was logistics. Fielding 28 cars at monaco didn’t warm Sir Frank Williams heart and one would have to assume that Williams knows that these team will also be stiff competition.

But today we find that Williams F1 was not alone in their concern with the Qadbak/Sauber teams possible entry as a 14th team. In an interview with F1B, Windsor revealed that USF1 was also voicing their concerns over the logistics of 14 teams. They simply felt it was too much and that it should not be allowed.

The German press has not been kind to USF1 in the past week and Windsor suggests that USF1’s opposition to the Hinwill-based German team may be the culprit. Perhaps it is seen as a slight toward an established team of German engineering and performance with families and jobs on the line. Regardless of the reason, I am inclined to believe Windsor as they simply feel it is a logistical nightmare in today’s F1. I also believe that Windsors disappointment with a potential Qadbak/Sauber/Ferrari combination is also at play here. Click here for that story in depth.

Perhaps we can assume that the concern is at face value and it is purely logistical but as Windsor rightly puts forth, the concept of one of the new teams who hasn’t turned a wheel yet decrying the inclusion of a well known team would be taken as a very brash move in certain circles.

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