USF1 considers Cosworth

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Peter Windsor
The announcement that Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor would be fielding an all-American F1 team in 2010 was met with praise and accolade. They suggested a kinder, gentler, more affordable F1 team using the cost-cutting measures set in place by the FIA’s Max Mosley as the catalyst for their joining. Part of that plan is the homologated engine supplier that the FIA sought as a provider of engines for teams wishing to use them. A reduced cost engine that is competitive remains to be seen but it appears that USF1 may be looking at them in a very serious manner. Cosworth, being owned by an American, doesn’t hurt matters as well.

Peter Windsor shared his thoughts on the engine deal and the name of the teams. Read the full story here.

“A lot of people who were at Cosworth have left, but equally there are a lot of good people still there too. That is a really interesting thing for us. Apart from anything else, Cosworth is now owned by an American, Kevin Kalkhoven, and that is a nice little link for us as well.

“The idea of working with a small specialist company is kind of in-tune with the way we are operating as a race team as well.”

I am inclined to suggest this is a good move for a couple reasons. First, the team need an inexpensive engine solution to cut their teeth with. As the car is developed over time, perhaps a stronger engine package could be sought but as it is; they’ll need time to develop their chassis and aero efficiency. Spending all their money on a lump deal with Merc, Ferrari or Renault would make little sense if it weren’t bolted to a strong chassis.

Secondly, the Cosworth group needs a team to develop their engine with. A team that is easily accessible, open to new innovations to improve their car and willing to be a test bed for their development. Both groups could learn from the other in this scenario.

That’s my hunch and I am sticking to it.


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