USF1 first to recieve ‘no show’ penalty from FIA?

As if the problems the stillborn USF1 team is facing weren’t enough, they may be facing stiff penalties for not showing up in Bahrain this weekend. According to the FIA, it seems action may be taken in the disciplinary procedure:

“With regard to the USF1 team’s non-participation in the 2010 championship, the World Council mandated the FIA President, in full compliance with the new code of practice for disciplinary matters, to take forward the most appropriate action.”

USF1 were one of four new entrants in 2010 but recently asked the FIA for a one-year delay for their entrance into F1. There is little doubt that they are facing serious financial difficulties and this could add to the headache that investor, and co-founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley is most likely wishing he would never have acquired.

Teh banter early this year was just how many grands prix could a team miss and still be included int he 2010 season. While commercial rights boss Bernie Ecclestone maintained the Concorde Agreement mandate of no more than 3, the FIA was quick to remind the world that the regulations it required were that no race may be missed and is subject to punishment. The debate devolved into quibble and slowly faded when it became clear USF1 was not going to miss a few races but more likely a few years.

Now we may just find out what punishment a team will face for missing a race and which regulation the teams will be held too…the FIA or the Concorde Agreement? Most likely both.

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