USF1 not interested in Honda F1

With the announcement that the USA will enter F1 with it’s own team, many wonder why they just don’t pick up the Brackley-based F1 team, formerly Honda F1, for a token fee and gain all the state-of-the-art facilities, employees and know-how.

On the surface of the argument, you have to agree that if they could acquire the “smarts and parts” of a team it would be easier than crafty a new operation. But Ken Anderson pointed out, as reported by GMM, that there is baggage (my words not his) that comes with the deal:

But Anderson told the Swiss publication Motorsport Aktuell that there is more to the Honda situation than that.

“In the same way you could go and buy GM, because those shares are cheap,” he said, referring to the embattled American carmaker that is said to be facing bankruptcy.

Let me read between the lines for you:

The deal would come with Nick Fry and the Magic 8-ball so thanks but no thanks.

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