USGP is on!

It’s on! The USGP in Austin will go ahead with 12,000 new parking spots and a 105% refund if it rains more than 2-inches before the race.

COTA president, Bobby Epstein, says this year’s event should be the biggest by far with headlining entertainment provided by Taylor Swift. That’s a great move for COTA and should bring in lots of folks who may be somewhat south of the mean age of those Rolex-buying fans the race usually gets. Don’t count out the fact that the Elderly F1 fan himself is probably a fan of Taylor’s.

“We are so happy to confirm F1’s return to COTA as well as Taylor Swift’s headline performance,” said Epstein.

“We can’t think of a better way to mark this important five-year milestone for F1 in Austin.

“Since we first hosted this event in 2012, we have gained a lot of knowledge and insight that has allowed us to make significant annual improvements to the event that we are confident will continue to establish the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix as the standout race weekend on F1’s calendar.

“By combining the excitement of Formula 1, the fun of the festival, and a full concert by Taylor Swift, we ensure fans can enjoy the greatest sports and entertainment event of the year.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to Texas and the Circuit of The Americas, for what promises to be an amazing weekend.”

hat Tip: Motorsport

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Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Curious on the location of those 12,000 spots, because if it is in mud fields I really am getting good at pushing cars out like last year!

Good on them for the 105% refund, should add comfort to the fair weather fans (see what I did there!!!).

I’m going. Hope to be at the next fan podcast!

Negative Camber

yeah, the new spots are in response to the mud fields so one would presume they are not muddy field spots. :)

Negative Camber

Someone tweeted me and said the new spots are over by the Esses.


Good news, but it sounds like a concert with an F1 race as the support act.

Negative Camber

True, Taylor is a huge get for COTA. Great move on their part to be honest. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan but that’s not the point. I’m sure she does a great job live and it’s her only concert in 2016 (I’m told) and she’s a big, big act these days.


I am more of a Katy Perry fan myself.


Are we taking bets as to how many selfies Lewis will post to instagram of him and Ms. Swift?


last year was shite, and they want me to show up again? … not again. Also, the concert was moved N from the grandstand area with little hope to get in and massive lines … I have frequented F1 and this venue and will not attend F1 at COTA again. WEC is well done there as well as other events. They are not set up for the masses to park, transport, or attend. Pity.


Oh man you are going to get a scolding from the webmaster.

For me, I had a tough time last year but I like to start out low and work my way up. Swap Elton out for Taylor, swap rain out for sun maybe? Think how great it will seem to be there!

Steve Calvert

Last year it rained, almost as much as Austin has ever had at one time, it wasn’t shit in the least and in fact it was fantastic. Most of the patron understood that the weather played a big part and understood the long lines but a few cannot ruin this, we won’t allow it.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Steve you can’t please everyone. Even with a 105% refund for two inches of rain.

I’m going again after last year’s torrential downpour. I want Formula 1 in the US and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and drive 1,500 miles to see it too.

Paul KieferJr

Just remember, my apartment is not a hotel room. ;-)


Oh gosh, no Glen again? (Nah, ain’t gonna happen, just dreaming)

I guess it’s more of the 9 hour drives to Montreal. Or less for IMSA.