USGP would like Mexican GP moved on calendar

It’s true that if you put the US Grand Prix in June, people may spot-weld to the seats because let’s face it, it gets hot in Texas. Therefore, it would make sense to keep the US Grand Prix where it is on the calendar but circuit boss Bobby Epstein thinks that Formula 1 should move the Mexican Grand Prix to June to coincide with the Canadian Grand Prix for a leg in North America.

“Mexico had a real impact last year, we know it did,” Epstein said.

“There is value in spreading Mexico and Texas apart date-wise.

“I’m talking a gap of three or four months.

“If you make two trips to North America, you don’t put the two races that are closest together [back to back].

“I would put Mexico with Canada as it’s hot here in June and July – not pleasant like now.”

The issue at hand is the impact that the Mexican GP has had on attendance in Austin and perhaps no secret that the guy ousted from the USGP project, Tavo Helmund, helped launch that Mexican GP. Regardless, logistics would suggest that nailing Canada, US, Mexico and Brazill all make sense from a shipping and freight cost reduction model.

Four race in North America? Sure, they do that in AsiaPac don’t they? The first flyaway races of the season in fact when development is critical. I would think keeping the four races in the fall would make the most sense from a climate perspective too.

What do you think? It wouldn’t space the race out for Epstein in order to help reduce the impact on his attendance but it has to save F1 money in the long run. Do the flyaways, Middle East, Europe, North America, and Asia?


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Steve Wyant

Be careful here… or Bernie will do just that, move the USGP to June.


Doesn’t Mexico also get hot in June?

Chuck C

Not Mexico City. Its altitude keeps the temperatures lower. Checking Weather Underground, no day in June this year got above 78F (April and May tend to be the hottest months, but it still rarely gets above 85).


And unsurprisingly both Singapore and Malaysia were reporting that attendance was down this year too… The thing is – back to back races should work – not just from a logistics standpoint but from an attendance standpoint too. But F1 tickets are frequently over $200 per person for a weekend- and at that price point I can’t afford to take my family to multiple races. By comparison I can get VIP season passes at Mid-Ohio for $225 which includes every race on their calendar including IndyCar and NASCAR, free parking, as well as paddock and pit wall access during every… Read more »

charlie white

No, you don’t want a race in Austin in June, even a night race. I had said since day 1 the USGP should be earlier in the season than its present October and previous November dates. I felt mid-April to early May was the best fit for the race. Yes, the weather can be flakey(severe thunderstorms) at times but on the national sports clock, MLB just start their regular season, NBA goes into its too-long playoffs and football(college and NFL) is inactive. Then F1 could draw some of that needed national attention.

Paul KieferJr

It should be possible to group the races by region and them arrange them by the time of the year when they’re ideal (Europe/Middle East in the Spring, Asia/Pacific/Oceania in the Summer, Americas in the Fall). That way, logistics gets to be easier to handle and it’s always the right time, promoting higher attendance throughout the year.