Vatanen Campaign Gains Big Support


Ari Vatanen, the presidential hopeful for the FIA, has gained big support today with the endorsement of 14 major member clubs. The supporting clubs include the national motoring authorities of Australia, Germany, Finland, Canada, Uganda, Jamaica, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Ireland, Jordan, Peru, Switzerland and Turkey.

Of particular note, the clubs state that democracy and transparency are key issues for them and with the FIA’s history of falling short of either precept; is it any wonder these clubs would support a candidate that has placed these amongst his top priorities.

The letter was sent to other FIA member clubs and urged them to place their support behind the former rally champion and European Parliament member. Echoing a fresh approach to the FIA, these clubs have resonated with Vatanen’s position on mobility and sport.

“We firmly believe that FIA needs a spokesman who has a willingness and ability to address with respect and enthusiasm all the various stake holders of mobility and sport.

“The unique background of Ari Vatanen includes his years in the European Parliament, to which he was elected from two countries (Finland and France). During his dramatic and successful, humanly touching career in rallying he became a world champion.

“As a spokesman for the federation in the present day world, where media attention and diplomacy with various stake holders is becoming more and more vital, Ari comes across as an ideal candidate for all who want to create a future in the spirit of fair collaboration.”

“Over the past years, the FIA has grown considerably and gained enormous influence. Max Mosley has strengthened our federation for more than a decade and achieved a great deal.

“But in our view, also less positive aspects have gradually manifested themselves, in particular with regard to the structure and governance of the FIA, making it preferable to seek change in order to be well prepared for the future.

“The democratic and secret ballot provides the chance to give the vote to the candidate of your choice.

“Ari and his team follow their values, democracy and transparency. That is why they are not coming with any lists telling clubs whom they should vote for the remaining seats of the World Motor Sport Council. It is up to the clubs to decide according to the statutes.

“The team is also not buying votes with nomination promises to different motorsport commissions either. The best people shall be elected to these places without undue politics. We among many other clubs decided to place our trust in Ari Vatanen.”

The FIA have created an election page that you can peruse to help understand the initiatives of each candidate. It also lists the cabinet members each candidate would appoint. A very positive appointment Mr. Vatanen has included in his cabinet is Maria Spetz who was appointed CEO of the Motormännen Riksförbund (Swedish Automobile Association). You can read the detail here.

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