Vergne suffered suspension failure at Monza

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Jean-Eric Vergne’s unfortunate DNF at Monza was a bit of a spectacle to watch as the car suddenly snapped out of control during braking in the first turn and launched over teh high curbs of the circuit before coming to a rest in the run-off area. While initial guesses were centered around a brake failure, the team have revealed that it was actually a suspension failure. Vergen told the Toro Rosso website:

I felt a bit of pain, so I stayed where I was for a few moments, just to get everything straight in my head, but then I felt okay and climbed out. I went with the medical car and that was the end of my Italian Grand Prix.

After the race, we established it had been a failure with the rear suspension. In the end you just have to put it down as one of those things that happen when you go racing. I do feel pretty stiff across my back and neck but I think that will go away over the next day or so and I’ll get on with what is going to be a pretty busy schedule until Singapore.

It’s a shame that it happened. It’s easy to say this after the fact, but I do think we could have had a pretty good race in Monza.

It was an odd incident that did leave the car askew but a good consideration on the deranged suspension was that the impact with the curb could have caused the deformation. Apparently that wasn’t the case.

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