Verstappen backhands Massa

These days it may be increasingly difficult to find someone who hasn’t become a fan of Formula 1’s youngest-ever driver, Max Verstappen—even after he clouted Lotus driver Romain Grosjean in Monaco and received a penalty for it.

While Verstappen’s stock has only risen since coming in to the series driving a Toro Rosso, there is one person who isn’t quite as convinced that the son of former F1 driver, Jos Verstappen, is all that and a bag of chips.

Williams driver Felipe Massa was critical of the 17-year-old after his Monaco Grand Prix collision and when asked in a press conference today in Canada, Massa stuck to his guns:


“I was asked what I thought, and I thought he should be penalised because what he did was wrong,” said Massa.

“When you are in your first year, 17 years old, and you do something like that, if you are not penalised it’s completely wrong.

“The FIA needs to be strong in a proper way, and that’s what they did, but that’s what I said, and I don’t change my mind. That’s what I believe.”


That didn’t sit well with the F1 phenom as he spat back at the venerable Brazilian driver:


“Everybody can have his opinion, that’s the first thing, but according to my data I didn’t brake any later.

“The lap on which I crashed [the braking] was exactly the same as the lap before. I got my penalty. I’m focusing on Canada right now.”

“Maybe you should review the race from last year and see what happened there.”


ZING! Verstappen took his gloves off and back-handed Massa over his collision in the Canadian Grand Prix just a year ago with Sergio Perez that ended in a spectacular crash taking both cars out of the race.

I suspect even that small back-and-forth with Massa will only add to Verstappen’s accolades as a young man who, quite honestly, doesn’t drive like a young man nor does he verbally spar like one either.


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Ken Hendricks


Louis Jansen

Massa has every right to his opinion, but we all know that he is more of a child in voicing his opinions on other drivers driving style. And when it comes to a critical look to his own mistakes he always finds that he has done nothing wrong, never.

peter riva

sadly, yes.

peter riva

is it only me or can no one else remember YET ANOTHER sign on and password. What the heck is Discus?


I just gave in and used one of the alternative sign in methods that I already used. No more using the handle “Niyoko” :/

Alianora La Canta

If you select “I’d rather post as guest”, you only need to remember your username (which can be whatever you normally use for this site, provided nobody has claimed that username on Disqus) and email.

peter riva

Ah, thanks!


True. I always wince when I hear Massa make comments like this. There is always something really bone headed that he did not dissimilar to the person he is upset at.


massa got owned bwhaha

Paul KieferJr

that sound you just heard was an arrow hitting its target. :-D


Oh man call the medic because that measured 25.3 on the burn meter!

Chuck Voelter

I’m not especially a Massa fan but I admire him for getting back in the saddle after both snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in 07 and taking a spring to the forehead in 09, AND he has scored 989 career points. I’m not against Verstappen having his super-license but he should just shrug Massa’s comments off. At least until he scores a few more points.

Alianora La Canta

Max’s problem in the crash itself was that he didn’t react adequetly to what was going on around him – Romain had taken an approach that let him brake 5 metres later that lap and it would have worked had Max noted this. A standard-issue rookie error that needn’t have caused 2 weeks of discussion. The reason it’s still being discussed is that Max then made the much worse error of accusing Romain of deliberately ruining his race through the brake-test comment (as opposed to the common-or-garden “it was the other driver’s fault even though there’s no logical reason why… Read more »


Its all media hyped ‘handbags at ten paces’ hot air.
A driver misjudged a pass, it happened at Monaco this year, it happened in Canada last year. And the driver who made the mistake isn’t taking responsibility, thats not uncommon either.