Verstappen Eclipses Japanese GP | Podcast Ep 882

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and me on this day of the eclipse as we review the Japanese Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished.

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In this episode, Todd and Paul discuss the Japanese Grand Prix and the performance of the teams and drivers. They talk about the challenges of the Suzuka circuit and the importance of qualifying position. They analyze the performance of Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each team. They also discuss the strategies employed by the teams and the impact it had on the race. Overall, they conclude that Red Bull was dominant, Ferrari showed improvement, and McLaren faced some challenges. In this part of the conversation, Todd and Paul discuss the performances of Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, and Fernando Alonso. They also talk about Lance Stroll’s struggles, the progress of Aston Martin, and the challenges faced by Daniel Ricciardo. The chapter titles could be ‘Carlos Sainz’s Stellar Year’, ‘Lando Norris’ Inspired Drive’, ‘Aston Martin’s Progress’, and ‘Daniel Ricciardo’s Struggles’. In this final part of the conversation, Todd and Paul discuss the performances of various drivers in the Portuguese Grand Prix. They highlight Yuki Tsunoda’s impressive drive and his ability to make overtakes, as well as his improved attitude towards his team. They also discuss the progress of Haas F1 and Alpine, noting the improvements in their pace and strategy. However, they express concern about the ongoing struggles of Williams and Aston Martin. The conversation concludes with the presentation of the ‘Move of the Race’, ‘Donkey of the Race’, and ‘Drive of the Race’ awards.


00:00 Introduction and Discussion of Non-F1 Topics
03:01 Overview of Sonoma Raceway
08:19 Discussion of Suzuka Circuit and Qualifying
16:38 Analysis of Red Bull’s Performance
25:56 Assessment of McLaren’s Challenges
27:19 Outlook for Carlos Sainz’s Future
28:25 Carlos Sainz’s Stellar Year
30:08 Lando Norris’ Inspired Drive
37:45 Aston Martin’s Progress
39:16 Daniel Ricciardo’s Struggles
55:21 Yuki Tsunoda’s Impressive Drive and Improved Attitude
57:59 Progress of Haas F1 and Alpine
59:46 Struggles of Williams and Aston Martin
01:09:08 Move of the Race: Yuki Tsunoda’s Overtakes
01:11:03 Donkey of the Race: Daniel Ricciardo’s Mistake
01:12:47 Drive of the Race: Charles Leclerc’s One-Stop Strategy

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Junipero Mariano

Hi Todd! You had mentioned a couple of times that Danny Ric has not been quite right since 2014. Did you mean since 2022? He got the first 3 of his 8 wins in 2014, correct? I think I remember you and Paul mentioning the promise Danny had shown in Spa 2014.


Yuki improving in his 3rd year as an F1 driver, it’s almost as if he’s had time to develop and learn the art of being in F1, who would have thought of it?

Yes, I’m being ironic.
But it is true and does say a lot about F1’s current mentality of you have 1 year (at best) to prove yourself.
Now having said that, I don’t expect Sargent to make it to the end of the season, after all, Antonelli turns 18 after the Italian GP and he’ll have his Super Licence then.