Verstappen’s onboard camera from Brazil

You’ll have to follow the link and go watch it on YouTube but the onboard lap of Max Verstappen during the São Paulo Grand Prix was the video everyone was waiting to see. The pass was at 7:30 min into the video.

Having watched the onboard, what do you think?

F1’s YouTube Channel:

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What’s the old saying in racing, ‘let them eat grass’?
I really don’t see what the big deal is, he went wide to stop Lewis overtaking, missing accomplished. It isn’t anything that Lewis hasn’t done himself countless times, often to his own teammates.
Too many keyboard warriors out there, that’s the problem.

william BERRY

There was no grass where this happened if it was gravel probably both cars would be out of the race.

william BERRY

What is the point of giving a cars width if you do not police this .especially if the same driver does this all the time.


Max didn’t turn in to him, just went in too deep and ran out of room. Just be glad there isn’t gravel there like Carlos suggested. The worst thing they could do is settle this championship with a penalty.


Max didn’t just straightline his car, he turned in, but how much grip did he have left? It looks like he went too fast into the turn, couldn’t turn anymore, and ran wide. The graphic of his pedal application would be of great use, and also a comparison of his braking points for laps ~45 – 51. Max, Lewis, and most of the grid are of a skill level to where they don’t need to clumsily turn into the outside car to run them off the track. They would know which braking point to pick that gives them the desired… Read more »

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I have said it before and I’ll say it again… I CANNOT JUDGE THIS fairly because I am from an era where to risk such a thing could mean a firey death. In these safe cars, they can take all sorts of chances now which, back when, they could not even think of. (forget gravel, try trees and spectators of the 60’s and 70’s). It’s like bumper cars now, no risk, take the gamble.