Veteran fans complaining | Podcast Ep 832

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we host the Stefano Domenicali show. Stefano on veteran fans and Red Bull domination, on dilution fees and making movies in the paddock.

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I was also surprised to hear that so called veteran fans have a problem with the Red Bull domination. I watch the sport since the 80s, and I do know that we do not have a season like 2021 every year. Yes, there were other very exiting season finales in the past (Prost/Senna, Hamilton/Massa, Vettel/Alonso), but they are the exception, not the rule. And thats fine. Also I am a bit tired of the slogan “we want to see more overtaking”. We don’t. We want to see wheel to wheel action. This is not basketball. When you have 30 overtakes… Read more »


I have noticed! :-)

As for the grid boxes. Why not solve the whole thing with a little bit of paint? Why not have another yellow line like they already have but in 90 degree angle in the middle of the boxes, so they can aim for that when they get on the grid. Top down view:

-[- -[- …
-[- -[- …

Problem solved, no?


Oh, and by the way, I am from Deutschland. I have been a F1 fan before Schumacher and still am one after all the Schumachers. Long time listener of your podcast, remembered that I heard the Heidfeld-Throwback podcast you put in the feed a few weeks ago back then. Do not remember how I stumbled across your podcast, but know why I am still listening to it: you guys absolute understand that F1 is about the sport AND about the soap opera that comes with it! Born in the same city as Frentzen and Heidfeld, now live in the city… Read more »

charlie w

You wanted a “irate” veteran F1? Here I am! We are in Year 3 of the new chassis specs and all we got were a change of domination from the silver cars to the blue cars. No, I don’t want this and the new specs should not had done this(I suspect Red Bull is doing some type of cheat on DRS). Since there is such limited pre-season testing and no in-season testing, competitors cannot catch up with Red Bull though apologies to Aston Martin who have improved. No doubt the cars now can run closer together and I believe it’s… Read more »

Brad Sunshine

Hey folks, just wanted to confirm your conjecture about Lewis and attending Coachella (at least the one time I know about). I had a buddy who until a couple of years ago lived in a high end, somewhat secluded enclave of homes above Palm Desert. Lewis Hamilton did rent probably the largest home in the area, which was owned by a wealthy European family whose name you would recognize, and had a helicopter take him in and out to the music. Another topic, as a Ferrari fan, I am glad Massa is looking into legal action about Hamilton’s first championship.… Read more »