Vettel, Alonso leary of ‘new’ F1

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Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso have shared what many feel around the world regarding Max Mosley’s “new” F1. Max, without the consent of the participating teams in F1, took it upon himself to change the regulations touting a “new” budget cap of 45 million Euros in the hopes of enticing many would-be teams to enter the sport for 2010. Max’s reasoning was the financial crisis and need for new teams in F1. He fancied himself as the savior of F1 as the economic crisis was eroding the very fabric of F1…or at least making it difficult for FOM and CVC to make their loan payments. The teams formed FOTA in order to gather together and re-establish their presence in the regulation process and direction of F1. They have been at war with the FIA since last fall.

Max’s low-cost, anyone-can-enter formula has worked. No less than 5 teams have signed up for the 2010 season leaning heavily on the budget cap system as the catalyst for entering. In fact, it is argued that with all the new teams entering the series, none of the FOTA member teams need bother showing up next year as Max and Bernie have enough cars to fill the grid and the small teams are much easier to manipulate and control than the large manufacturers currently in the series and under the FOTA banner.

But the drivers also have concerns that range from frustration (at the thought of not having a ride next year) to outright disgust. Vettel and Alonso are not alone.

“Perhaps it’s best to wait,” Vettel told Speedweek.

“And with regards to all these new teams, perhaps everything will not be the same when it comes the time to put the money on the table,” he added.

Fernando Alonso obviously is backing the existing teams and structure of F1.

“With this revolution it seems like almost anyone can have a formula one team,” Alonso told Spanish media in Turkey, “and I think that’s a big mistake for the sport.”

When asked about Max Mosley’s warning tat FOTA can go start their own series if they don’t like the FIA’s “new” F1 Alonso said: “Hopefully it happens.”

Campos and Epsilon Euskadi, are Spanish teams and this would be a bonus for the Spanish people. “It would be a dream if there was a Spanish team,” Alonso said, “but not if at the same time formula one becomes a sort of ‘big GP2’.”

Amen and Amen.


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