Vettel deliberately veering in to Button?

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I was perusing some news today and came across Jonathan McEvoy’s article at the Daily about Brawn GP’s Jenson Buton and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel. Talk about rumor mill and grumblings!

Jonathan maintains that the Brawn GP garage is/was suggesting that Vettel’s race engineer told him prior to the European GP that his engine wouldn’t last the distance and therefore Vettel slashed across Button’s nose in an effort to stay ahead or take them both out. Huh?

The allegation did not stop there. Vettel, so the rumour they were happily repeating in Button’s Brawn motorhome went, had been told by his engineers prior to the race that his engine, which blew 24 laps in, would not last the distance.

Therefore, we were left to infer, Vettel had nothing to lose and acted out of recklessness if not malice itself. If both he and Button came to grief, it would not have bothered the German. He would rather neither of them scored than Button alone finished in the points and increased his lead.

Seems a bit extreme to me and to be honest I would find it hard they instructed Vettel that a new engine was not going to make it to the end of the race. But wait! There’s more…

At the opposite home in the paddock, Vettel’s boss, Christian Horner, was taking issue with the neighbours. ‘When you are leading the championship and things start going wrong, you get a bit paranoid at that point,’ he argued.

‘We are the hunters and Jenson is the hunted. He’s not been in that position, possibly since his karting days. It brings pressure. I still feel that this championship has got another twist in it until we get to the last race in Abu Dhabi. Bearing in mind that Kimi Raikkonen came from a long way behind with three races to go to take the title (in 2007) shows it is doable.’

So now how do you score it? Horner 1, Vettel 0? You can read the article here as there is a funny tirade that Button goes on when asked if he really wants to win the title or not. What a nonsensical question.


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