Vettel has concerns over Pirelli tires in testing

Sebastian Vettel didn’t complete many laps yesterday in testing but the weather wasn’t really cooperating… and that has Pirelli explaining the lack of tire performance. Vettel echoed the concerns over tire wear and performance yesterday saying:

“I didn’t do that many laps today, but to be honest the weather wasn’t great and it was a pretty rough day in terms of the wind,” he said. “It’s very cold as well. The tyres aren’t really working properly and I think everybody is suffering the same problem, struggling to make the tyres last for more than a lap. It’s difficult to compare things you are testing and also to compare yourself to others.”

McLaren’s Sergio Perez effectively said the same thing at the prior test in Barcelona suggesting that Australia would see a multitude of pit stops if the tires didn’t improve.

Pirelli suggested that the cool temperatures were the harbinger of doom for the tire performance over the past three test sessions and that Australia more temperate weather would find the P Zero’s coming on song. The sky may come crashing in if this doesn’t prove to be the case but Pirelli are very intelligent tire makers and I am sure this will be the case in warmer climates.  One wonders how they will cope with Austin Texas in November should the weather be similar to 2012?


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