Vettel: I didn’t call Lewis ‘stupid’

As a point of clarification during today’s press conference from the Hungarian Grand Prix, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel says he didn’t actually call Lewis Hamilton ‘stupid’ for his pass on the German during the German Grand Prix. It seems he said it was unnecessary.

“If I say after the race that I thought it was unnecessary, and then it gets put and quoted that I said he is stupid, then it is quite disappointing because sometimes I have a mouth, I say a couple of words, you have ears, but it seems somehow in that process mistakes happen,” Vettel said.

That’s a little different than AUTOSPORT’s quote just a week earlier where he said the move was stupid. If we parse words a little, then perhaps he’s got a point:

“That was not nice of Lewis. I don’t see why he was racing us,” said Vettel. “If he wants to go fast he should drop back and find a gap. It was stupid as he was a lap down.”

Actually the German was calling the move stupid and not, in particularly, Lewis Hamilton himself. It’s a bit like having an engine that isn’t producing 100% torque when the throttle is mashed to the floor right? Regardless, AUTOSPORT had it right. He did call the move stupid and the magazine was spot on. You tend to equate someone’s actions, when labeled as stupid, as suggesting that the person was being stupid. Then again, maybe the whole issue is just stupid to be honest. Get on with it, let’s race in Hungary!

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