Vettel may take engine change in Singapore

If you’ve been following Dave’s engine update series all season—and I hope you are because he does terrific work getting this together for you—then you’ll know Sebstian Vettel was already on the last of several engine components this season so the idea of sitting at the back of the grid for the start of the Singapore Grand Prix may not be an instrument of positive morale but it also could be an opportunity to change engines.

According to a report by Mr. Noble at, the team are considering the change since thy are starting from the back anyway. Sebastian Vettel said:

“It is one of the things that we are having a look at now to try to understand what makes most sense,” said Vettel.

“I think so far we have done a mega job not having to pull another power unit. Obviously I would prefer it that way, and being higher up on the grid, but now it is something for sure we are looking into to see whether it does make sense for us or not. You will know later today.”

It makes sense to me if you have seen Dave’s chart and commentary on the situation at Ferrari and why not take on a new engine so you have that in the pool for the remaining six races? Ferrari had brought the last of their engine upgrades to Monza so perhaps a fresh lump and components would be a good move.

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It would certainly minimise the impact of the grid penalties. As they probably are pulling the rear of the car to pieces anyway to fix the suspension problem the prevented him from qualifying, it would be a sensible time to fit the sixth power unit.