Vettel ‘more Ferrari’ than Alonso ever was

Sebastian Vettel has completed his first year at Ferrari and according to the people I spoke to within Ferrari, he is a much better fit than Fernando Alonso. the folks I spoke with are at every single race and work closely with the drivers and they said that Vettel is a real leader unlike others.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least then to hear Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne say:

“Alonso stayed here for five years and he was less Ferrarista then Vettel is after one year in terms of identity and identification with the team,” said Marchionne.

“We had the annual Gestione Sportiva event with all the technicians, the mechanics, the sponsors and the drivers earlier this month.

“There were over 1,200 people and Sebastian gave a speech entirely in Italian.

“Of course he learned it by heart but it was perfect, incredible. He had prepared it so well.

“He did it very honestly, like the guy he is, with a great heart and a lot of attachment.

“He became more Ferrari, like a guy who has always been Ferrari.”

In fairness, they are two very different people. I’ve met both Vettel and Alonso and I must say, Sebastian is a very approachable, collegial guy and here’s proof:

It’s a great fit and it shows that Sebastian really is invested in the opportunity 100%. He wants this to work as much or more than Ferrari does and that’s saying something. The last guy who approached the Ferrari opportunity that was was another German who won the title seven times.


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Junipero Mariano

German speaking drivers seem to do well at the Scuderia. ;)

Daniel Johnson

He just has joy to be there that Alonso never had. You could probably draw a comparison between AROD and Jeter as far as athletes who are about the same level of talent but one clicks with the organization and the fan base.


Yeah,I think he will be the one who will wreck rosberg’s chances of winning a wdc in 2016,and might stop Hamiltons run


He should just legally change his name to Sebastiano Vettelini.

Joe Mama

Eh…Fernando seemed pretty happy the first few years. Let’s check back on Seb after 3-4 more years of runner-up or worse. I’m pretty sure his patience, even with the Red Car, will also thin with time and frustration.

On the other hand, maybe Ferrari will actually produce a first-place capable car. If so, it changes everything, doesn’t it?


That video was pretty epic, kudos to Todd for not throwing up! That wet track would have had me wetting my pants! What an experience that must have been, I love his nonchalant answers whilst hauling arse.