Vettel negotiates Title clause with RBR

Sebastian Vettel has completed negotiations with Red Bull Racing for an additional clause on his contract that would award the young German an additional 10% bonus should he win the World Drivers Championship Title in F1 this year. When agreeing to a RBR contract last year, the thought of fighting for the title was probably not on anyone’s mind but this years regulations have proved to be a bit of a game-changer in that RBR are very much in the running and Vettel just might that he is a title contender.

It is rumored that his current retainer is approximately 3.5 million Euros and the bonus would place a payout of 350,000 Euros should he reach the top step at years end. Christian horner said:

“It would have been stupid if he didn’t want that clause, and Sebastian is absolutely not stupid”. ~ source Bild.

There is no mistaken the fact that I am a huge Vettel fan and would love nothing more than to see this young man win the title this year. Although I take nothing away from Jenson Button because I think he is a good representative for the UK and has paid his dues but there is something special about Vettel. I can only describe it like this:

Vettel, like Lewis in 2007, doesn’t seem to be at the very limit of his ability to get the results he has gotten. He seems to be using the most basic of his ability with a hell of a lot in reserve or to come. I may be wrong but I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg from Vettel and the future could be even brighter for this very talented young man. Lewis has that, in my opinion, and the comparisons are always heaped on him because of it but I think both men stand unique in their approach and skill and should be men of legend in fate is favorable to them. I will say that Vettel has it all over Lewis in the PR and career management arena and Anthony could learn something from how Sebastian and his father have handled his career.

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