Vettel: NJ circuit has soul at 100mph

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Sebastian Vettel had a unique opportunity to drive the proposed circuit for the 2013 Grand Prix of America in New Jersey. The two-time champion sped through the streets between 85 and 100 mph and had some praise for the proposed layout.

“It’s a pretty steep uphill and there are some nice corners up there, which makes it really fun to drive,” Vettel said. “It’s truly unique. And this,” he added as he pointed behind him to the Manhattan skyline, “is unreal.”

The uphill climb and bumpy nature of a street circuit has Vettel sensing a soul to the circuit which would be a welcome departure from the street circuit in Valencia next on formula One’s calendar.

“Certainly the up and down aspect, with the elevation, that’s something the drivers always enjoy,” he said. “And you still have bumps built in even if you resurface, and that gives a little bit of soul to the course.”

The circuit is a 3.2-mile route  along the waterfront by the Port Imperial ferry terminal. It goes steeply uphill through interesting corners and eventually back down to the waterfront. That may sound familiar as Formula 1’s crown jewel, Monaco, has a similar layout.

What do you think? Does the NJ circuit seem like it could be a real success given its layout?



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