Vettel: No one really expected Schumacher comeback

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As it is seemingly the week to give extra credence to the oft-maligned Bild Zeitung, let’s share a little video response to the Schumacher comeback from his RoC teammate and German pretender, Sebastian Vettel. Now I apologise, for Vettel is obviously speaking German, but below is my translation of his words. That may help bring a little light to the language he uses – but it’s body language, repetition, and the thrust of his thoughts that got my brain over-analyzing for no good reason…

I think nobody really expected this comeback. When his return in the summer sadly (on this word, der Seb completely breaks eye contact) fell through, everyone just thought it was clear that was the end of the matter (here, he smiles). And ummm, yeah, I think that something like that can’t be predicted, no one can see it coming. Now we’ll have to wait and see. Obviously, I hope that he is fit, that Michael can drive, and has no problems on the physical side. I would imagine that Michael is sufficiently professional, and knows how to prepare himself.

It doesn’t get much more lukewarm than that, does it?

Not much of a welcome for his Race of Champions buddy who has stuck his neck out on several occasions (considering his position with Ferrari) to praise the young German pretender.
In the domestic market here, Vettel stands – unless he can make his mark sufficiently on the track – to lose a lot of the limelight (and perhaps money) with Schumacher’s return.

I am probably being completely unfair here, but might the Red Bull star be upset that he’s about to be relegated back to “young charger” status (at least in the German media) after his “coming of age” season? He did seem rather preoccupied with Schumacher’s fitness.

Although some Adrian Newey wizardry might quickly turn all this into a non-issue. Schuey knows better than most how tough a Newey car can be to beat.

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