Vettel not simulating motivation or wins

Formula One has released a nice Q&A with Sebastian Vettel and like other news sources, I was intrigued by a couple of comments.

“As a team member I want us to be as successful in 2013 as we have been this year and the two previous years,” Vettel told the Formula 1 website. “And personally, I never had to simulate motivation – that is part of my nature.”

Indeed it is in his nature. He helped Germany win their 6th Nation’s Cup at last weekend’s Race of Champions and it goes to show, he’s a fierce competitor. I doubt he’s had to simulate motivation or a desire to win. We often consider McLaren, now Mercedes, driver Lewis Hamilton as the guy most driven to win, and I think that’s very true, but I’d argue that Vettel and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso are just about on par with Hamilton in the competitive motivation and desire to win.

Also interesting was this:

“To be honest, I never wasted one single thought that an irregularity was involved from my side. Even if it was an eventful race I definitely saw all the flags – and their colours!” Vettel said.

“I only got information that Ferrari was up to something after (Team Principal) Christian (Horner) called me saying that obviously Ferrari was not too happy with the outcome of the race.

“After the FIA had checked every single inch of the recording of the situation in question – and confirmed that everything was according to the rules – Ferrari renounced any protests.

“But believe it or not I knew since the chequered flag that there was not a single movement wrong from my side.”

The post-race issues in Brazil and subsequent letter that Ferrari sent to the FIA asking for clarification was never a concern for Vettel. Or at least it wasn’t a concern unless it became a concern if the FIA found evidence he passed under yellow flags. On the other side, Ferrari didn’t simulate yellow flags or lights so it’s easy to see where some of the confusion may have come from. In the end, Vettel didn’t simulate a win or a championship…he made it real.

Check out the full Q&A right here, it’s a nice read.


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