Vettel out at Ferrari at end of 2020 season

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According to multiple media reports, Ferrari are set to part ways with 4-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel, at the end of the 2020 season. The stories were in Bild, Gazzetta dello Sport and Auto Motor und Sport.

While some reports have Carlos Sainz as a likely successor, others suggest that Daniel Ricciardo might be the man of the hour. There is also speculation as to if Vettel would stay in formula 1 at Renault, or if there was a place for him at McLaren or other teams.

Would Vettel be willing to move to a smaller team after driving for Ferrari? Red Bull had made it clear they were not interested in spending big money on two world-class drivers as they currently have Max Verstappen.

Ricciardo makes the most sense to me as a replacement and if I were Mercedes, I am facing Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas both coming to the end of their contracts so keeping Vettel in mind might be a very good move.

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As much as I would love to see Daniel at Ferrari, I feel that if they had wanted him, they would have picked him when his RBR contract finished. Yes, I know that Seb still had a contract there, but they could have kept Leclerc at Alfa for another year as they couldn’t have imagined that he would work out as well as he did. Plus, if the concept for Daniel to move to Renault was to be a ‘No.1’ driver, then that will not work out for him at Ferrari. Ferrari is clearly putting Leclerc at the front of… Read more »


So, it has to be someone who’s willing to be a #2 driver for Ferrari. Who’s ready to step up and assume that role?


Well if we continue the evergrowing trend of younger and younger drivers, Charles does have a younger brother. :-)


I suppose as this is the ‘summer break’ with teams having their mandatory shut down, it is no surprise that the silly season has started. I can’t see Vettel joining a.midfield team, so I think he will retire. Quite who will come into F1 next year will be interesting, as teams have no current racing to judge the merits of junior drivers.


I can’t see him being team mate to Hamilton, and of the two I think Mercedes would prefer to stay with their current driver.